Casket (18)
Ceradon (20)
Coffee cup & mug (20)
Jar & Tohchun (10)
Lamp (4)
Salt & Pepper Shaker (10)
Tea Set (8)
Vase (19)
Coffee & Tea Set (16)
Dinner Ware (6)
OTHER (32)

Dad was born in Bangkok and Mom was born in Suphanburi, After married. They moved to Petchaboon and started their farming career from there on. They also had taken some sideline job as tailors during free season from work in the field. Since they have 5 kids (of us) therefore income from what they were doing not sufficient to feed their small kids and run our family.

Until one day, we grow up. Nothing improved much for long time, the couple had decided to escape from an agriculture career and looked for a better future. In 1982 they move their family to Nongkam district in Bangkok . Nothing much to do at that time, ...


Hand painted porcelains from Buran Benjarong are based on traditional Thai style paintings. Religious Buddhist beliefs and traditions have been deeply rooted in everyday life. The Buran Benjarong handmade porcelains use intricate designs on gorgeous porcelain bowls vases, etc. The production of the basic porcelain wares are by itself a very tedious and time consuming process. The hand painting done on these porcelain wares is a really slow process.

and requires a methodical procedure, this precious object is shaped from kaolin, feldspar, quartz and bone ashes....



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